Cornton Comment

The Cornton Comment is a free local community newsletter which is generally published four times per year. It is produced by volunteers for the people of the Cornton.


The Cornton Comment has been going for many years providing groups with a means of getting information about what they do and events. Without it how will groups and clubs publicise their events and how will people get information on local issues which affect their lives.

More and more people are expected do get their information on the internet and although a great resource, not everyone has access or the skills to know where to look.

Help support the Comment and make it all it can be - get articles to us and keep that community spirit alive. 

Any correspondence should be addressed to Editor, Cornton Comment, Cornton Community Centre, 37 Johnston Ave, Cornton,FK9 5DD or send us an email 

Hamish Wishart,
18 Dec 2014, 13:35